The Cat Empire

The Cat Empire.


I knew a handful of their songs and had heard they had a magical live set which was enough to make my curiosity twitch. When i heard they were playing in town I’d be lying if i said i jumped for joy. I’d also be lying to say i wasn’t excited.

Upon arriving at the event a couple of things struck me. There was definately more people here than i expected which was a pleasant surprise. It was also one of the most diverse groups I’d seen at a gig. It says something about a band when they pull a crowd like this.

The Cat Empire didn’t disappoint with their set being filled with classics and songs off their new album blending together like magic. The last song turned into the fourth last song with a three song encore that got the crowd cheering.


It’s safe to say the next time I have the chance to see these guys play i will be jumping with joy.