Into the jungle..

After a couple of hot weeks up in NQ, and a with the rain slowing down, i figured it would be a good chance to become one with Arnold and hunt down a couple of predators in the jungle. 

The elusive Jungle Perch is a prized catch among light tackle fresh water fishing and after purchasing a new combo there wasn’t a better time to test it out. I’m  using my new hyuga megabass rod paired with a shimano stradic 1000. Having yet to touch the water I was excited to get this rig wet. 

A quick break after hiking about

Having spotted a few at the end of last year in a small creek I had walked,  I headed back to see if they were still around. After a couple of cast I managed to hook up the first fish on the rod and after seeing the splash on the surface I knew I was in for a treat. The rod had scored a Jungle Perch as its first catch and I couldn’t be happier. 

Although only a small catch and sadly the only catch of the morning, in my eyes, the trip was still worth it. 


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