White and Red

After a few snowball fights and frozen fingers we decided to take in the best of what the Okanagan had to offer and headed to the wineries nearby to take in the flavours and beauty. Also how can an Australian say no to a drink?

Having a wine or two (or three)

The wine was amazing and the standout was absolutely the ice wine served in a chocolate cup! Hopefully I’ll be able to try a few more samples before we leave.

The next day we rugged ourselves up again and headed up Crystal Mountain for a true Canadian experience! Once we arrived we hired a pair of showshoes, grabbed a map and set off. The snow was about a foot deep and we were able to be dunked under a pine tree by surprise!

Having a quick break to cool down

After the hike we were pulled in by the snows softness and made our first snow angels. I have a feeling more will come as the trip continues!

Embracing the snow

Tomorrow we are heading ice fishing and my excitement levels are starting to peak!


Oh Canada! (Eh)

After months of planning and organising we are here! After 24 hours of travel from home we found ourselves through three airports and in the picturesque town of Peachland. Having to put away our thongs and singlets we found ourselves throwing on our boots and jumpers to allow our bodies to function. 

Overlooking lake Okanagan

Katherine and Jon, our newfound Canadian family, quickly assessed our wardrobe and deemed us not prepared for the snow. After a quick trip to Costco to grab some warm clothes we were introduced to the Canadian version of the Bunnings Snag – The Costco Hotdog. It hurts me to say it but the value for money of the hotdog is unbeatable! While both items will only cost you $1.50 the hotdog comes with a bottomless drink to satisfy your thrist.