Perched for a Fish

After breaking in the new rod a few weeks ago with a small jungle perch I was itching to get my feet wet again. We headed down to another local creek to test a trail scouted on Google Earth and jumped right in. While the walk was hard work, today the fish were not and at the end of the day seven fish were caught and many more were missed. 

Showing off one of the top catches for the day.
If you’re interested in seeing how it went check out the video below:


Into the jungle..

After a couple of hot weeks up in NQ, and a with the rain slowing down, i figured it would be a good chance to become one with Arnold and hunt down a couple of predators in the jungle. 

The elusive Jungle Perch is a prized catch among light tackle fresh water fishing and after purchasing a new combo there wasn’t a better time to test it out. I’m  using my new hyuga megabass rod paired with a shimano stradic 1000. Having yet to touch the water I was excited to get this rig wet. 

A quick break after hiking about

Having spotted a few at the end of last year in a small creek I had walked,  I headed back to see if they were still around. After a couple of cast I managed to hook up the first fish on the rod and after seeing the splash on the surface I knew I was in for a treat. The rod had scored a Jungle Perch as its first catch and I couldn’t be happier. 

Although only a small catch and sadly the only catch of the morning, in my eyes, the trip was still worth it. 

New year, new fish

The last weekend of the holidays called for a sneaky fish and the sooties did not disappoint.
Trying to avoid the Townsville rain we departed early saturday morning and headed to Burdekin Falls Dam. The morning started slow with a couple hits and a small sootie and catfish to keep us interested. 

After finding the prime locations it seemed playtime was over and fish were coming in one for one every couple of casts. 

The hard body vibes seemed to be the best option and had the most luck hooking up to the fish.  

Showing off the goods

Not to be outdone however the zerek prawn proved to be useful once again and got destroyed by the sootie shown below. Sadly the lure was lost to the rocks two casts later and I hadn’t packed and extras.

Zerek doing work

With a good start to 2017 I’ll be hoping to take the rods out a bit more often and have a flick. Until next time, keep fishing!

Fifa Club World Cup 2016

As a terrible soccer player but self proclaimed master of FIFA I was extremely excited to find out that the club world cup was beings held while we were in Japan. With only one game being played while here tickets were grabbed to see the Kashima Antlers, winners of the Japan Cup, face off against Auckland City FC. 

Front row seats

Supporting the home team against New Zealand like any good Australian proved to be a smart decision. The Antlers ended up winning 2-1 with an 88 minute goal to secure the win. While the stadium didn’t look packed out, due to this being one of the first games of the cup, the crowd was in full football mode and kept the noise up all game. Although I will miss the rest of the games I hope the Antlers come through with a few more victories. 

Snow Monkeys!

A long daytrip to see the Snow Monkey Park was definately worth it. Making full use JR Passes we had for the trip. After struggling to get seven guys out of bed and a few hours of travel we started the hike towards the monkeys.

Forrest walks

While walking through the dense forrest, small snowflakes started to fall down and I witnessed my first snow. Excitememt filled my body at the thought! 

This aussie is enjoying snowflakes in the air

Finally arriving at the hotsprings the monkeys the first sight was two baby monkeys shooting past us to jump into the hotsprings. These monkeys were one of the highlights of the trip and I highly recommend checking it out. Tips for visiting in winter would be to bring multiple layers of clothes!

Snow monkey see, snow monkey do

Maids, Robots and Fam

While spending apart of the day in Akihabara we took the opportunity to pop into one of the maid cafes for a bite to eat. Upon arrival we were all told we were ‘masters’ and were seated by the girls who took our orders and brang out our food. 


The meals were all cute little dishes filled with animals and hearts. Each of us got to pick a maid to have a photo with as a souvenir of the visit. 

Me and Momoa hanging out being rabbits

While the experience was different, it was definately worth the stop.

For the nights entertainment we went to the robot restraunt in Shinjuku and caught up with some family along the way. 

Me and the sis

If you are in Tokyo you need to check this place out. It will blow your mind. The show was filled with everything you could imagine and more! 

A land before time

Filled with robots shooting smoke and lazerbeams you’ll be on the edge of your seat for the whole show. 

After the show we walked down to Omoide Yokocho, better know as memory lane or piss alley, for dinner. Having 10 people seemed to be no issue with finding a place to eat and we were shuffled up the stairs of a small restraunt to eat. 

Crowded house for dinner

Dinner was filled with different chicken and vegetable skewers and a few beers. Definately want to try have another meal in the area if the chance arises. 

Ghibli and Shibuya

Today we got up early to head to Studio Ghibli Museum. Our first train went the wrong way, the second train went the right way and then changed direction and the third train was a charm and set us off in the right direction. Our walk from there took us to a park hidden within the city streets. 

A lake in the park

After a scenic stroll we ended up at the museum to have the Ghibli experience. Getting tickets for this place requires some pre-planning as they sell out months beforehand but if you can get yout hands on some it is worth it. 

Robots in disguise

After spending the morning exploring the museum we heading over to Shibuya to see the crossing. Taking the chance to grab a photo from the Starbucks Cafe overlooking the street. 

A quiet day

Hakone, Lake Ashi and Mt. Fuji

Yesterday’s travels involved us heading from Tokyo to Hakone to see Lake Ashi and views of Mt. Fuji. After more struggles with the railway we eventually found our way to the right platform. 

Everyone eager for the train

From the station we travelled by train up the mountain to the ropeway to see the high life. The views from these were breathtakingly beautiful and offered an excellent view of Mt. Fuji. Unfortunately, the clouds wanted more attention than the mountain and blocked our vision.

Mt. Fuji hidden away

The ropeway ended at Lake Ashi were we hopped aboard a pirate ship for a scenic cruise. 

If you could see me now

With the help of one of the deck hands we tried to spot Mt. Fuji from the boat but we had no luck. 

On the lookout

We ended the day with some sake and karaoke in Shinjuku. After a few drinks everyone had the voice of an angel and was giving it their all.