Perched for a Fish

After breaking in the new rod a few weeks ago with a small jungle perch I was itching to get my feet wet again. We headed down to another local creek to test a trail scouted on Google Earth and jumped right in. While the walk was hard work, today the fish were not and at the end of the day seven fish were caught and many more were missed. 

Showing off one of the top catches for the day.
If you’re interested in seeing how it went check out the video below:


New year, new fish

The last weekend of the holidays called for a sneaky fish and the sooties did not disappoint.
Trying to avoid the Townsville rain we departed early saturday morning and headed to Burdekin Falls Dam. The morning started slow with a couple hits and a small sootie and catfish to keep us interested. 

After finding the prime locations it seemed playtime was over and fish were coming in one for one every couple of casts. 

The hard body vibes seemed to be the best option and had the most luck hooking up to the fish.  

Showing off the goods

Not to be outdone however the zerek prawn proved to be useful once again and got destroyed by the sootie shown below. Sadly the lure was lost to the rocks two casts later and I hadn’t packed and extras.

Zerek doing work

With a good start to 2017 I’ll be hoping to take the rods out a bit more often and have a flick. Until next time, keep fishing!